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Rental Conditions

General rules:

1. Any delivery of the vehicle is made by signing the contract by the parties and to receive the vehicle you must bring the original passport and the original international certificate with the valid date. (Remember, if you are currently in Turkey and it has been more than 6 months since your last entry to Turkey, you must have a Turkish Certificate)

  2. Please note that the delivery and pick-up of the vehicle is only done at the Auto Online Rental office and the transfer fee will be 300 TL since it does not have a branch anywhere else (excluding the European region of Istanbul, that is, the European region of Istanbul). 250 pounds).

3. Be sure to personally deliver the vehicle to Auto Online Rental employees at the specified time and place to deliver.

4. Monthly travel limit is 3500 km

5. Please note that if the vehicle you reserved is not available at the time of delivery for any reason, as we have stated on the site and before the vehicle reservation stage, a similar vehicle in the same class will be delivered to you.

6. All costs related to highway, tunnel and bridge tolls are borne by the customer.

7. If the vehicle is returned earlier than the specified time, the amount will not be refunded.

8. Traffic violations recorded in the time period you use will be sent to you by e-mail within 7 days from the delivery of the vehicle.

9. Conditions for driving with a second driver: If your companion also drives, select the "second driver" option on the website and at the time of booking and be sure to present your passport and international driving license when entering Turkey.

10. Return of the vehicle must be made by the driver and with the second driver specified in the contract, otherwise the driver will be responsible for the consequences of the crimes and the person will be blacklisted by the company.

11. The absence of ID, passport, Turkish driver's license, Iranian driver's license will be fined by the police for both the company and the person making the reservation, and it is the responsibility of the violator and the person making the reservation to pay both penalties.

12. Please note that using the car as a taxi and carrying passengers without a license is illegal and criminal, and if the car is taken away, you will be fined more than 20,000 liras. In the parking lot of the police department, the customer has to pay the full price. The fine and the car rental amount will be two months.

13. In the event of a police fine, please do not sign any form from the police without coordination with support colleagues.

14. If you do not pay the police fine, Auto Online Rental will file a criminal complaint against you and be summoned to the Istanbul court with your passport number. If you do not accept it, you will be deported from Turkey for 5 years.

15. All vehicles have insurance and if the documents are complete, this insurance covers the damage.